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We welcome you to explore the traditional sankheda furniture and handicraft of Gujarat, INDIA, which has a royal history of centuries. From centuries this sankheda furniture and handicraft has been used and appreciated by emperors and royal families. Sankheda furniture is known for its heart taking art and longevity without decaying. This royal craft has now got access to general community.

Let us introduce our self. We as “Shree Ram Furniture” have a successful history of more than five decades. Our ancestors and forefathers were engaged in shaping the divine craft known as sankheda furniture, we as their successor have tried our level best to maintain that and not only maintaining but also to improve our work and skills. Though Sankheda a small town located in Vadodara district gained recognition around the world due to this art and craft which today almost is a matter of pride to own for an individual.

God gifted craftsmen when work on the ordinary piece of wood, are inspired to turn it into exotic piece of handicraft which is priceless.

Our ancestors and forefathers as craftsmen have been crafting the art in form of furniture and handicraft which is now known as the world’s famous sankheda furniture from generations, and they left behind them the legacy to follow for their coming generations. Walking on their foot steps we also have tried our level best to maintain that and not only maintaining but also to improve our work and skills.

The process of turning an ordinary teakwood to exotic piece of craft is very tedious and they have been following it as it is, no machines no technology can help them in atomization for putting up any sankheda furniture. All this process has to be done by hand and no other way. It takes a lot more than patience, skill, hard work to present the world with absolutely incredible and long lasting Sankheda furniture.


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